holy crap. mdsh has hit 100? madness. with the exception of girls don’t like us, its prob the longest project ive worked on! in time, not episodes. heh.

thanks from the world cocoon/mdsh crew for sticking around for 100 comics, hope we are all enjoying 100 more!



so heres a lame wee contest for the kids on our happyday.¬†either post a quote about the comic on your preferred socially media site (just let us seeeee) or draw a picture about/or with a character from MDSH, and our favorite one gets a one of a kind sketch card of their fav character which you might be able to sell off one day. Contest starts now and ends…well originally it was set to end last week but a vortex of storms and sickness bopped that. so right now shoot for nov 30. good luck!!