or BAD track 7, to make it easier for you.


and now…MDSH…WITH TAGS!!!

just for the kids that like clicking i give you the gift of tags. from now on each comic will be tagged just incase there are specificy things you are looking for, like each comic with vomiting, mayhap. the future is now. im going through the previous year and tagging those as well so theyll be included shortly.

also you may or may not notice that each comic will be dated and have a title. this is because i like the idea that its dated. but the names might help you remember a favorite comic, cause supposedly thats what the kids do these days. i dont see comics in the newspapers doing that. whats a newspaper? i will not be naming the earlier comics tho sorry. thems the brakes kid. i still love you. heres a dollar, just stop crying ok?