oooh its that time again, where one looks into the alternate universe sphere (or ingests a piece) and we land in the land of guest strip vacation times, where anything is possible, you know like the regular strip but different. alternate universes are still canon folks. fuck the crisis.


anyway, right now im prob sleeping or watching maury which is not different than a normal day except right now im getting paid for it cause im on vaca. oh hey, me, stop being stupid and do a proper buffer! i know youre reading this.

AAAANNYYWAYYY we start out guest times with a strip from the team of Karosu Lopez and Adam Broome. Go be a good egg and check out their respective works! Karosu does the MINT Webcomic ‘stikland’ and then drop by the facebook and check out Adam’s THREE PIECE METAL BAND (yesss!) Enthean – . Thanks guys!!