Were just about at 125 Facebook page likes! that pleases our punchbags! thank you to all the new pallies jumping on to check out the happenings of our mdsh crew.

As of tomorrow the ‘100 likes’ contest cards are leaves on the wind (watch how they houehrouholeurfbnvdfnbve) and wed love to know if you love them like we do once you get em.

This comic has been going about a year and a half at this point – something i’ve (jabby) never done with a single comic. its been crazy and fun and stressful, time consuming, enlightening and meaningful. So thank you for being interested in something that you would subject yourself to these page update posts three times a week. that really means something. unless youve blocked them. then youre just a jerk.

Onto the next contest, again – lets find a name for you guys! There are a hand of ideas, and i love them all. but you guys are gonna decide. so keep em coming, well gather em up, set em and vote em. winner gets something fancy.

OHHHHHH hey. one more thing.
September is vacation time (I KNOW, AGAIN!?!) but ill be in scotland so GUEST COMICS – – COME TO ME!!!!!! message me. Deadline is mid august so i can have them ready before i leave.

Cheers, unnamed buddies!